We are the premier recruitment agency for fresh produce jobs UK and Worldwide.

A Recruitment Service-Attracting the right candidates

We are industry insiders, with the knowledge of what talent is out there, of who might be interested in the opportunities you offer and of developments within the labour market in the trade generally. We are happy to advertise a vacancy and to actively search out appropriate candidates. If you wish we are happy to send you regular C Vs from people seeking work in areas of interest to you.Any candidate we put forward will comply with legislation as regards eligibility to work in the UK.

A Job Design Service

A simple statement of what a job does & the skills/attributes/experience needed to do it is fundamental to effective recruitment. It helps to clarify in every ones mind exactly what a job is about-a candidate can make informed judgments, you have the objective basis to appraise future performance and to plan your companies developing structure.

In the event of any legal challenge to a recruitment decision ( for example, allegations of discrimination on grounds of age, sex, race ) it is a key document in a courts deliberations. Our experienced job design team can produce a brief & legal robust document that facilitates effective recruitment.

A Cultural Fit

Matching a candidate to a Company is a two way process and central to this is understanding the companies cultural environment.

We endeavour to include this factor in our selection process.

A Short List Service- Sifting Candidates

Some roles can attract considerable interest, resulting in hundreds of CVs from people who don’t really have what you are looking for. We are experienced at applying criteria you set to provide you with a more manageable number of CVs of people with the skills you are looking for.

A Selection Service-Picking the right candidate

Once you have a short list of people who might have the skills you are looking for, the next step is choosing the best person. Put charitable, some CVs don’t give the entire truth about a candidate, more probing needs to be done.

The traditional interview can be a fairly blunt selection tool but it can be made more effective and legally secure by using a few simple techniques. We can offer advice on interview structure, questioning strategy etc, that can improve results & avoid commom legal pitfalls. If you wish we can provide an experienced professional to sit in during interviews.

Selection Testing

Many roles have specific skills or attributes that can be objectively tested using occupational or psychometric tests. These tests have the advantage, when properly used, of providing data that accurately measures an attribute ( for example a role requires complex numerical analysis- what level of mathematical/interpretive skills does a candidate possess?

Overall, fmk consulting will put our clients needs first – whether it is confidentiality, security in our search or a particularly niche candidate – we would be happy to search for the right person for your company!